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Who We Are

We are the driving force behind the Set-top-box (STB) advertising, and our work helps businesses and brands effectively reach the Chinese community.

Advertising via Set Top Box

Using our unique STB advertising solutions, brands are able to embed commercials before or after viewer selected TV content on iTalkBB Chinese TV. Commercial formats include Pre-roll TVC, Pre-roll Slate, Banner Ads, and Branded Channel.

Cost-efficient Ad Solutions Reaching Chinese

We are the driving force behind STB advertising services targeting the Chinese community. iTalkBB Media is thrilled to partner with agencies, brands and local businesses to effectively and strategically reach Chinese consumers – not only through set-top-boxes but also across all possible venues.

Ad Features

Largest Chinese TV Viewership

Geo-targeted Advertising

Fully Engaged Ad Views

Insights Into Ads Campaigns

280,000+ Households in North America
200,000+ Households in the United States
4.5 Avg. Viewing Hour/Day
70% Active Viewer

• More than 60% of Chinese television viewers in the North American region watch iTalkBB Chinese TV

80% of our viewers are mostly located in the major metropolitan cities in North America

98% of iTalkBB Chinese TV viewers are of Chinese descent with a high education level, a high household
income, and strong purchasing power.

Our Clients

OTT Ad Opportunities

iTalkBB Media OTT advertising technology enables geo-targeted advertising solutions and provides advertisers with ad campaign reports. We offer a variety of ad opportunities serving different campaign strategies. Our team will also work with advertisers to map out the best advertising plans that deliver their content and marketing messages precisely to the target audience.


- pre-roll
- (:15) or (:30)
- no fast-forward
- no skip

Banner Ad

- in dialogue box
- static image ad
- centered position

Branded Slate

- pre-roll
- (:5)
- no fast-forward
- no skip

Branded Channel

- designated channel
- name after the brand
- broadcasting and
- VOD streaming

WeChat Marketing

WeChat is a widely popular Chinese mobile messaging app and one of the most dominant social media platforms native to China.
iTalkBB Media provides a variety of services for our partners to reach target customers with WeChat marketing strategies.
Specifically, we provide services in:

Account Creation

• setting up a verified WeChat account
• creating customizable mini-mobile site
• enabling online booking & reservation

Followers Engagement

• managing content to engage followers
• tracking viewing & sharing data
• designing promotions or surveys
• guiding member management

WeChat advertising

• advertising through Tencent Ad Exchange
• exposing on KOL official accounts
• managing feed-based banner ads

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