AIG (American International Group), one of the biggest insurance company worldwide faced the challenge of building trusts with Asian American community and AIG does not want to missed this potential market since 45% of Asian American are lack of life insurance. Thus, AIG partnered with iTalkBB Media to utilize iTalkBB’s strong influences within the Asian American community to advertise their brands and products to our audiences. AIG created multiple campaign, including branding campaign and Chinese New Year cultural campaign to increase brand awareness on iTalkBB OTT platform. AIG successfully gained trusts from the Asian American community and increased their brand awareness within the community.


Accurate Audiences

In 2018, iTalkBB announced a strategic partnership with Verizon Fios to provide the highest quality Asian TV content to more Asian American and to help Verizon to build trust with the Asian American community. Verizon Fios targeted Asian Americans age 20-54 by sponsoring one of iTalkBB TV hottest drama of the year, Ruyi Royal Love in The Palace. The TV commercial has reached thousands of Asian households, and Verizon Fios logo was displayed on promotion posters at iTalkBB retail stores in high concentrate Asian American population areas with thousands of footprints per day. In order to build connection and show appreciation toward Asian cultures, Verizon Fios sponsored iTalkBB’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2018 and celebrated the most important Asian Holiday with iTalkBB audiences.


Target Locally

iTalkBB Media unique STB advertising solutions can help local businesses and advertisers to target specific areas by allowing clients to place the ad placements in their desired location(s). For example, iTalkBB Media created a campaign for USA Arts Center that only aired in Maryland and Virginia to search for local students interested in art. Many of our audiences are parents and community influencers and they have reached out to US Arts Center to learn more about the classes.